China approves 45 new video games after a 9-month ban that led 14,000 developers to shut down – Business Insider India

China on Monday approved gaming licenses for 45 video games.
The country had stopped issuing licenses in July 2021.
Over 14,000 small developers were reportedly forced to shut down due to the ban.
In a sigh of relief to video game publishers in China, Beijing has finally started approving gaming licenses. The country had stopped approving gaming licenses in July.

China requires game publisher…….

Kingdom Hearts 4 is official: Watch the debut trailer | VGC – Video Games Chronicle

Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced during a Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday.

The debut trailer features Sora running through a city before a title card appears. Donald and Goofy also appear. Currently, no release window or platforms have been specified.

You can watch the trailer via the embed below:

Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer


10 Video Games So Bad They Were Delisted – WhatCulture

We’ve all played our fair share of bad video games. No matter how great a game might look pre-release, few developers are above releasing a surprise clunker that falls far short of expectations.

Yet most bad games are quickly vilified by players and press alike and then we all move on with our lives, hopefully seeking out a better game next time.

But there are those rare video g…….

10 years ago, Star Wars made one of the worst video games of all time – Inverse

Bizzare dance sequences, terrible visuals, and frustrating motion detection are hallmarks the worst Star Wars video game to date. April 4 marks its 10th birthday and it’s still an absolute trainwreck, possibly even worse than we remember. It’s easy to forget about it since it launched for a gimmicky peripheral that was a notorious flop, but let’s take a moment to reminisce about what made…….

The 25 best losers in video games, ranked – Polygon

This week, Polygon has been celebrating the winners of the entertainment world — the ones who came, saw, and conquered in a variety of exciting and morally irresponsible matchups. But to wind the week down, we want to call attention to the ones who so frequently go overlooked: the losers.

One eternal question spans all of pop culture:…….

Leveling Up: Advertising to Children Through Video Games – JD Supra

Video games have come a long way from the days of Atari’s Pong; today’s games can contain fully immersive worlds complete with brand partnerships. Video game platforms, such as Roblox, which boasts over 100 million active users in its virtual world, can reach swaths of potential brand loyalists. For many companies and brands, video game marketing and partnerships are untapped areas that c…….

How Online Casinos Learn From Video Games – TheXboxHub

Online casino games are one of the most popular hobbies today. People of all generations and professions are playing them. But, why are online games so popular today? They’re not new. We had online casinos 20 years ago. What makes them so good today? The answer is pretty simple, online casinos have learned a lot from video games. It’s safe to say that video games are much better t…….

The Nintendo Switch changed what I want from video games – The Verge

For most of my life, there were two kinds of video games: those you played at home and those you played on a handheld. There was a clear distinction. Even when a powerful device came along, like the PlayStation Vita with its “console-quality” graphics, you could still pretty much always tell the difference; games had their own feel based on the platform. Metroid on the GameCu…….